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We’re Not Your Average Market

Join a diverse and growing community cornerstone serving residents across Hudson County, including Jersey City, Union City, Hoboken, West New York and more. We go above and beyond to contribute positivity to our community, which includes weekly programming, live music, free family activities, the city’s largest food stamp token/SNAP program, and a diverse group of vendors selling fresh, local goods and produce.

Riverview Farmers Market By The Numbers:

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Why Riverview Farmers Market?

Here’s What We Offer:

Brand Awareness

Nothing connects you to the local community quite like vending at the Market. In addition to being featured at the Market itself, we often feature vendors on our social media channels, which amplifies your business name to our 10,000 and growing local followers on a regular basis. Establish your business in the Jersey City Heights community and see what it’s all about.


Unlike other markets, we don’t require you to vend with us on a weekly basis to be part of our Market. Instead, choose a schedule that works best for you and your business: biweekly, monthly, etc. We’re willing to work with you to find the right fit!

Customer Acquisition

Being a vendor at the Riverview Farmers Market means face-to-face interaction with new customers who get to know you and your business week after week. But what really sets us apart from other markets is the incredible effort we put into attracting customers through free programming and community events. Live music, family activities, and community festivals mean increased customer acquisition for our vendors.


Unlike other farmers markets in the surrounding area, our vendor fees and flexibility continue to make Riverview Farmers Market one of the most affordable markets in Hudson County. As a non-profit, we understand the price sensitivity that comes from being a local business and we strive to maintain reasonable rates each year.


When you vend at the Riverview Farmers Market, you join a community of 50+ local entrepreneurs and business people just like you who provide support, camaraderie, and community connections you can’t quite find anywhere else. We are so proud to see that so many of our previous vendors have gone on to open brick-and-mortar locations in Jersey City, often due to the power of community they tapped into at the Market.


This is our favorite market in JC! The community becomes one big family on Sundays. It’s because of this market that we now have a brick-and-mortar in the Heights and we couldn’t be more proud.
Rusel Ventura, Owner
The market gave me a platform to showcase my goods and connect with the community. Their emphasis on supporting small businesses like mine helped me establish a loyal customer base.
Melissa Buesing-Glick, Owner
This was one of the very few markets that offered us a chance to sell our product and it ultimately led to our Palisade Ave location. The Heights are lucky to have them and so, too, are we.
Travas Clifton, Owner
We absolutely love being at the Riverview Farmers Market. It allows us to connect with our community in a different way, in a very friendly atmosphere.
Clemence Danko, Owner

What We Look for In Our Vendors

1. The type of items you sell

We are a farm- and food-first market. Since Jersey City requires us to keep a balance of farm to food to non-food vendors, we prioritize Farms over Prepared Food Vendors and Prepared Food Vendors over non-Food Vendors. During our normal season, we have very limited openings for non-food vendors. The openings that we do have are typically open to food-adjacent vendors (e.g. candles, body products) that are made with farm-sourced ingredients.

2. WHERE your business is located and/or how you source ingredients

First and foremost, we give priority to local vendors. For farms, we have a requirement that the farms need to be within 200 miles of Jersey City. For prepared food vendors, we prioritize selections based on location in the following order: The Heights, Jersey City, Hudson County or NJ. For non-farm vendors, we give priority to those who source their ingredients locally, as well.

3. diversity of products sold and price points

We believe that market customers generally benefit from having a choice. At the same time, our goal is to not overload the market with any one type of vendor. While no vendor is guaranteed exclusivity to a specific item, we do curate and limit the number of vendors offering the same or similar product lines. In parallel, we also work hard to ensure that our market is as affordable as possible for our patrons. We look for a diversity of price points from each vendor as well as across the vendors at our market.

4. proof of insurance and types of permits required by jersey city hhs

All food vendors must obtain relevant permits through the City of Jersey City Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Food vendors must either prepare their food in a licensed commercial kitchen or have a valid Cottage Food Operator permit from the state of NJ. Some farm vendors are required to provide more documentation depending on what their products. All vendors have to provide a Certificate of Insurance for at least $1M that names Farms in the Heights and the City of Jersey City as additionally insured.

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Find us at Riverview-Fisk Park

The market is held every Sunday from 10a-2p at Riverview-Fisk Park which is located at 498 Palisade Avenue, Jersey City, NJ. The park is situated between Bowers and Griffith Street along Palisade Ave and Ogden Avenue. While public parking is free and available on Sundays, it can be hit or miss. The park is accessible via public transit. Click on Get Directions and choose public transit for the best options nearest you.

Getting Here From Hoboken
If you are coming from Downtown Hoboken, take the stairs at Mountain Road, behind The Cliffs apartment building. After exiting the stairs, stay to the right to continue up the cliff. Take your first right on Ogden Ave and walk straight until you hit the park.
If you are coming from mid- or uptown Hoboken, take the elevator behind the 9th Street Lightrail Station. Upon exiting the elevator, head up Congress Street, taking your first left on Ogden Ave. Walk straight to the park.