We Accept SNAP/EBT Benefits…
and more!

Get TRIPle the Benefits with our SNAP / EBT Matching Program!

Riverview Farmers Market is proud to maintain our Good Food Bucks Program in coordination with the City Green and Garden State Good Food Network. The program provides Riverview Farmers Market customers a chance to double or triple their SNAP / EBT or Food Stamp Funds. We will match up to $15* of SNAP/EBT funds per market, per card. The dollars matched can only be used at specific vendor stands and may be limited to specific types of items. Customers can exchange their Families First/SNAP/EBT Card funds for tokens at the Riverview Farmers Market Information Tent, located in the circle by the fountain. Follow us on Instagram for announcements about Good Food Bucks promotions!

* For the 2024 Season, we will be upping our matching from the normal $10 to $15!

How It Works:


Visit our Information
Tent during the market located in the fountain circle at the park


Present your Families First/SNAP/EBT card
to our staff to receive
tokens & match


Use your tokens
to purchase fresh
produce across
vendors at the market

Our SNAP / EBT Matching Is Supported by the Following Partners:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Good Food Bucks Program?

Good Food Bucks is a program that “matches” Families First/SNAP/EBT Card dollars spent at participating Jersey City farmers’ markets (Riverview Farmers Market, Arlington Park Farmers Market, Lincoln Park Farmers Market). Whatever you spend on your Families First/SNAP/EBT Card, you’ll get a dollar for dollar match of up to $15 in Good Food Bucks tokens that you can spend on fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally. At our market, we actually TRIPLE your SNAP / EBT dollars. So, if you spend $15 on your Families First/SNAP/EBT Card, you’ll get an extra $30 – FREE – that you can use to buy fresher, locally-grown produce.

How do I use my Families First/SNAP/EBT card at the market?

The Riverview Farmers Market has an information table where we will swipe your Families First/SNAP/EBT Card. You’ll tell the staff person how much you want to spend on your Card, and you’ll get that amount of Families First/SNAP/EBT Card tokens that you spend like cash with the vendors that sell eligible food items (look for posted signs indicating “We Accept Tokens Here”). Vendors are not allowed to give you change for any tokens so please carry a couple of extra dollars/spare change with you while at the market in case you need to supplement (for example, your total is $12.50 and you only have $12 in tokens).

Money is deducted from your Families First/SNAP/EBT Card account the day you get the tokens, whether or not you spend the tokens that day. If you don’t spend all your tokens, DON’T WORRY! You can save them and use them later. Families First/SNAP/EBT Card tokens never expire, but Good Food Bucks programs MUST be used by the end of the 2024 market season (November 24, 2024, for the Riverview Farmers Market).

How do I get Good Food Bucks tokens?

When you use your Families First/SNAP/EBT Card at our market, you’ll automatically get an equal value of Good Food Bucks tokens up to $15. For Good Food Bucks tokens, we do have to round to the next lowest even number. So if you take out $15 in SNAP / EBT, you’ll get $14 in Good Food Bucks tokens and $16 in additional matching tokens. The Good Food Bucks tokens in particular can only be used on fruits & vegetables. All other tokens can be used on any SNAP-eligible foods!

Why can I only buy locally-grown fruits and vegetables with my Good Bucks tokens?

Good Food Bucks is a program with two goals: to help low-income families access fresher, healthy foods AND to support local farmers. By spending your Good Food Bucks tokens on locally-grown products, you’re helping local farmers boost their incomes, and that is great for the local economy. You can use your regular Families First/SNAP/EBT Card tokens for other food items sold by our farmers, like meats, cheeses, and fresh bread.

What if I don’t want to spend all my tokens today?

Keep them and use them next week! Some people like to save up their tokens for when their favorite fruits and vegetables are in season and then buy large quantities to can or freeze. The last day to use your Good Food Bucks tokens is November 24, 2024, the closing day of the market. Families First/SNAP/EBT Card tokens DO NOT EXPIRE.

What can I buy with my SNAP/EBT?

SNAP benefits can be used with many of our vendors including all of our farmers (meat and produce), as well as many of our prepared food items such as pasta and bread. For a specific list of vendors that accept SNAP/EBT benefits, visit our Vendors page.

What about WIC / SFMNP Benefits? Does your market accept those?

A smaller handful of vendors do accept WIC or SFMNP benefits directly. Please note: WIC & SFMNP do not qualify for Matching dollars or our Token program. But you are welcome to use those benefits directly with the vendors who accept them. These vendors tend to be the largest farms at our Market: Stony Hill Gardens & Alstede Farms. But we encourage you to stop by the Main Market Tent (in the circle by the fountain) to ask which vendors will accept WIC or SFMNP checks.

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The Riverview Farmers Market is proud to bring the Hudson County community fresh, local produce and locally produced goods from 50+ farms and producers across New Jersey. While several of our vendors can be found on-site every Sunday, many vendors rotate their schedule which keeps variety and diversity in our vendor lineup. You can find this Sunday’s lineup posted on our Instagram profile each week and browse through our vendor business profiles on our vendors page for more information.

Live Music from Local Artists

What’s better than live music? Live music in Riverview Park with a spectacular NYC-skyline view. The Riverview Farmers Market hosts live music from local artists every First Sunday of the month from May through November. You can also find live music entertainment at most of our keystone events. Check the schedule for upcoming performances!

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In addition to our market vendors, the Riverview Farmers Market strives to make the market a gathering place for the community through educational programming and arts & entertainment. On a monthly basis the market provides free arts & crafts activities for children and we’re also proud to host Interplay’s booth that promotes sensory exploration and connection for community members of all ages. Don’t miss our keystone events like the Summer Solstice Festival, Peach Pie Festival, Fall Harvest Festival and Day of the Dead Celebration! Click below to learn more.